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"What is WhatsGood?"
It is a location-based IM app for iPhone and iPod Touch that lets you find and chat with people around you.
"How much does it cost?"
It's free
"Do text message (SMS) charges apply?"
"Can we have better age preference settings?"
Yes, it's in the paid version of the app, WhatsGood XD
"How do I set my current location?"
Your location is automatically determined from your GPS location or IP address. You cannot set your location manually.
"Can I block my location?"
No, but your exact location is never shown to other users- only how far away you are.
"My location is wrong! Fix it!"
You can import your location from your Facebook or Twitter account.
"Can I set a passcode for the app?"
Yes, just buy WhatsGood XD
"It's not letting me get on"
Your account may be banned or suspended.
"Why have I been banned?"
If you uploaded a nude or offensive profile photo, or keep getting flagged by other users, you will be temporarily or permanently prohibited from using this app.
"How do I sign off?"
Your profile will automatically be signed off if you don't open the app for a few hours.
"Why can't others see my photo?"
There are many possible reasons, but the most likely is that your photo has been flagged by another user as inappropriate and is awaiting review.
"Why are there stars next to some people?"
Stars indicate people who have been added as favorites by others. The more stars someone has, the more popular they are.
"Why can't I send photos anymore?"
Your profile has probably been flagged too many times by other users. You will be able to send photos again once the complaints are reviewed.
"Whoops, I accidentally reported someone and now I can't find them again"
Reporting someone also adds them to your block list. Go to Settings and set "Don't show blocked people" to No, and wait for them to be online again.
"How do I erase my profile?"
Tap "Delete my profile" on the Settings page.
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